"Human Supervision and Control in Engineering and Music"

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James L. Alty Musical Composition as an Engineering Activity
L. Poundie Burstein Interrelationships in Beethoven’s Second Symphony
Sung-Bae Cho Inspiration-based Media Retrieval with Interactive Genetic Algorithm
Lewis Cornwell Toru Takemitsu’s November Steps
Eva Ferková Dynamic Potential of Harmonic Structures - The Way of Evaluation
Anja Fleischer Position Statement: Discusion Session  "Human Supervision and Control in Music"
Alexander Galembo Perception of Musical Instrument by Performer and Listener (with application to the piano)
Stefan Göller Visualization and Manipulation of musical content
Jens Herder Applications of Spatial Auditory Displays in the Context of Art and Music
Thomas Hermann Sound and Meaning in Auditory  Data Display
Toshiyuki Inagaki Supervisory Control in Music and Engineering: Dissimilarities and Their Implications
Gunnar Johannsen Human Supervision and Control in Engineering and Music
Thomas Jürgensohn
Is Gestural Control in Automotive Engineering Comparable to Gestural Control of Music?
Alex Kirlik Entropy Based Measures of Control, Coordination, and Improvisation
Bozena Kostek Expert System for Musical Style Recognition
Johannes Kretz „Composing sound“ Basic thoughts towards a refined control of timbre in music
Teresa Marrin Nakra Translating Conductor’s Gestures to Sound
Shin Maruyama How is a Symphony Started by the Orchestra?
Guerino Mazzola Music Performance and Interpretation
Yoichi Nagashima Visional Legend
Kia Ng Music via Motion: Trans-Domain Mapping of Motion and Sound
Otfrid Nies
Time in Music – Nancarrow’s Studies for Player-Piano
Thomas Noll Modeling Global Musical Structures
M. M. (René) van Paassen From the Neuromuscular System to Supervisory Control
Nathaniel Tull Phillips SOUND ART: Auditorelation
Giovanni De Poli Analysis and modeling of expressive intentions in music performance
Howard Pollack Aaron Copland's Short Symphony and the Challenge to Human Control and Supervision in Music
Pierre-Yves Rolland Music Information Retrieval: a brief Overview of Current and Forthcoming Research
Rebecca K. and William B. Rouse Understanding & Supporting Teams in the Performing Arts
Thomas B. Sheridan Musings on Music Making and Listening: Supervisory Control and Virtual Reality
Johan Stahre Human Supervision and Control inEngineering and Music
Kenji Suzuki Robotic Interface For Embodied Interaction via Dance and Musical Performance
Hiroshi Tamura Kansei Information and Kagura  in Iwami district
Leon Urbas Real time Dynamic Decision Making  in Supervisory Control
Marcelo M. Wanderley Gestural Control of Music