"Human Supervision and Control in Engineering and Music"

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"Engineering and Music" means transdisciplinarity, a research trend - away from a singular specialist perspective towards a thorough understanding of multidisciplinar context.
The symposium "Human Supervision and Control in Engineering and Music"was an international workshop with such a transdisciplinary objective that points to the future.
The workshop pursued a unique and visionary transdisciplinary approach towards new frontiers of knowledge beyond the already existing multidisciplinarity within both domains, those of engineering and of music. The workshop breaked scientific new ground for multi- and transdisciplinary questions.
There were 60 invited scientists mainly from Europe, North and South America and Far Eastern (especially Japan) for participation on the workshop.
In accordance with the international and transdisciplinary character of the whole workshop, the program of the orchestra concert comprised music of the last 200 years from three continents. Particularly, the contrast and the synthesis of Japanese music with European and North American music was emphasised. Also, the area of computer music with live performance of computers and traditional music instruments has been represented.

Additionally, we offered two ensemble concerts with Japanese music in Kassel and in Hamburg.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gunnar Johannsen

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