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Hiroshi Tamura

Kansei Information and Kagura 

in Iwami district
 1. Introduction
Kansei is a human faculty, extra to rational reasoning, essential in intuitive judgement, personal preference, selecting attractive combination, satisfaction and maintaining design conformity. Kansei is important in understanding customer preference of commodities, including information and services. The department is established in April, 2001 to meet social needs in research and education of Kansei information fields. 

Logical truth might apply to everybody, whenever, unless other conditions are equal. Kansei judgments might different depending on individual, time and place. Some people might like to dress in same color, while others do not. It is good for every individual to have different Kansei, different preference depending on the situation.

In the course of developing modern technology, many of the requirements are categorized, complex structured objects are built up from standardized parts. Variety of objects meeting the variety of needs are assumed to be provided by suitable combinations of standardized parts. Regulation of parts is an essential part of modern engineering.

Art and music are also under the influence of standardization or regulation. Classic European music introduced 12 codes and their combinations. Each tone step is theoretically defined. If tones are in accordance to the regulation of tone code, harmony among various tones can be assured by theory. Key board instruments enables everybody to play music at the minimum efforts. And talented musicians might add more impression playing something beyond the score.

2. Art of uncertainty
Communication by sustained regulated pitch is not so common in the animal world. They use transient frequency change more often.

Fig. 1 Shakuhachi
Fig. 1 Shakuhachi [1]

Some Japanese traditional music, audience are attracted by non-harmonic combination of sound ( Sho ) and frequency fluctuation (Shakuhachi, a type of clarinet). People identified player and his mind by listening to the fluctuation of the sound. Uncertainty is the expression of personality while such is removed from modern music.

As many of you may know, theremin is an electronic musical instrument invented by Russian scientist. Unlike other popular instruments, the sound produced by theremin is full of uncertainty.

Fig. 2 Theremin

Fig. 2 Theremin

Recently Theremin concert is attracting young audience, maybe because of uncertainty of the sound. 

3. Iwami Kagura
Kagura is music or entertainment performed at shine. Iwami is a district in the western end of mainland Japan, facing to Japan Sea. The district is in good position to access Korea and China. They are rich in history and myth of heroic god. 

Fig. 3  Invitation to IWAMI KAGURA
Fig. 3  Invitation to IWAMI KAGURA
(from Shimane prefecture publication)[2]

People in Iwami preserve music and performance to be devoted to god. 
One famous story from the myth of the district is Yamatano Orochi meaning a giant snake with eight heads. Orochi here is told as metaphor of rough river, or ruthless conqueror. People have to devote a daughter every year to calm anger of Orochi. By the time poor family is crying, because their last daughter has to be sacrificed to Orochi, a powerful god visited the family and heard about the sad sorry. He made a plan to fight with Orochi and conquered. After that son of the god became the ruler and made the district rich and peace.

What is worth mention is the music of IWAMI Kagura is full of non-harmonic sound and sounds as in cry are included. The performance played by Orochi and the god together with music is so serious and full of identity. 

4. Conclusion
Global world is full of music made up of regulated sound. People are in search of music with new identity.